mare will get up soon after birth and should be attentive to the foal. but can lead to compromise of blood flow to the uterus. Every breeding season there are a multitude of articles written focusing on the health and well-being o


Your broodmare has just given birth to a 100 lb. foal, and as the mare owner, you are very pleased with the results. Now you need to decide if and when to breed your mare again. Understanding the Foal Heat Cycle – After giving birth, most mares will have the first ovulation in about half the time of a normal heat cycle.

It is normal. 3 The estrous cycle, which is to be distinguished from estrus itself (the "heat" portion of the estrous cycle), begins to normalize in late April or early May through August, which is the normal breeding season for horses. During this period, mares will have an estrous cycle of approximately 21 days. No, Allen, mares don't bleed, because they don't have menstrual cycles the way human women do.

Do mares bleed when in heat

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The average length is three weeks, with most falling within the range of 18- to 23-day cycles. The mare will be in season ("show heat") for an average of five days during each cycle, with a range of three to seven or eight days. In the southern states, they may come into heat all year round. Mares can go into heat at almost any age.

Mares usually only cycle during breeding season, but they are capable of coming into heat multiple times throughout the year. Depending on where you live, most mares cycle from early spring to early fall.

Usually mares recover uneventfully after foaling and do not require any specific treatment. Diagnostic tools including routine blood work, transrectal Mares that retain fetal membranes are not good candidates for breeding on foal

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The mare’s ovarian cycle is on average 21 to 22 days. This, therefore, means that your mare goes into heat every three to four weeks and remains in this phase for 4 to 7 days as explained above. A mare will therefore have an average of seven heat cycles per year.

Do mares bleed when in heat

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