These coins normally come in a sheet or bags of 10-12 coins and contain the following dates: 1795 Flowing Hair and Draped Silver Dollar, 1796 Flowing Hair and Draped Bust Silver Dollar, 1797 Draped Bust Silver Dollar, 1799 Draped Bust Silver Dollar 1847-CC, 1848-CC Seated Dollar, 1864-CC Seated Dollar 1865 Washington Head Silver Dollar,

Not knowing, several years ago I posted the coin and got email saying is was not real. Value of 1799 BB-168 Draped Bust Silver Dollar. This Dollar has the catalog numbers: Bowers Borckardt-168, Boender-l22, or Haseltine-22. Obverse: Same obverse die as BB-167. Reverse: Horizontal die crack entirely across center of reverse, from right side of E to left side of M.One arrow extends slightly past right side of upright of N. Star touches lower point of eagle’s beak; ray points to Current silver melt value* for a 1799 No mint mark is $19.53 and this price is based off the current silver spot price of $25.25 This value is dynamic so bookmark … When dollar production commenced in 1799, Mint employees simply modified the die to show “1799,” rather than scrapping it and making a completely new obverse die.

1799 silver dollar

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Most of them are fakes, because genuine coins are so valuable. There are only 15 genuine 1804 dollar coins known to exist. All the rest are counterfeits, and counterfeits are worth zero. This page addresses counterfeit dollars between 1798 and 1804. 1799 Silver Dollar - 1799 S$1 13 Stars Reverse PCGS AU50 CAC. This excellent early overdate silver dollar is one of only 2 coins in AU50 to be approved by CAC. Much more rare than its 1799 counterpart. This lightly toned, early 1799/8 Draped Bust dollar has surfaces are original and clean for the grade.

1799 Obverse Stars 8x5 Silver … Journal Keep up to date with the latest news.

More of the Same 1799 Draped Bust Dollar The Draped Bust dollar was created in 1796 Early Silver Dollar (1796 S$1) Large Date, Small Letter, NGC MS62.

An 1804 Draped Bust is the most desired silver dollar and has been studied extensively. This is what the Heritage Auction's commentary, in part, reads. If there is an immediate reaction, with the piece tarnishing and blackening, then you may have real silver on your hands.

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USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1799 Draped Bust Silver Dollar (Irregular Date - 13 Star Reverse Variety) is Worth $1,244 in Average Condition and can be Worth $24,037 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. Click here to Learn How to use Coin Price Charts. Also, click here to … Value of 1799 BB-155 Draped Bust Silver Dollar. This Dollar has the catalog numbers: Bowers Borckardt-155, Bolender-19, or Haseltine-19. Obverse: This Draped Bust Dollar has the same obverse die as BB-154.Die crack from border under bust, through bottom of … 1799 $1 PCGS/CAC AU50 - Great Bust Dollar Type Coin - Bust Silver Dollar.

1799 silver dollar

1795 If there is an immediate reaction, with the piece tarnishing and blackening, then you may have real silver on your hands. THE COINS ARE COUNTERFEIT! USA 1799/8 SILVER 1 DOLLAR DRAPED BUST VERY CLEAR OVER DATE NICE GRADE F/VF KEY. If you have an 1804 dated, Draped Bust Silver Dollar, in your possession, and it doesn't have the word COPY stamped on it's surface than it's a counterfeit. Rat rider New Dollar Wallpaper HD. Coinarchives search results sierra 1791 dutch colony ceylon voc 1 stuiver rare 1794 silver dollar s for coin 1 dollar sierra leone 1791 1797 dd bust dollar value 7-25-11>>> With 6 major variety's of the 1799 dollar, retail values run from $1,000.00 to over $18,000.00 for genuine circulated coins, depending on the type and grade.
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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by WingedLiberty, Jun 23, 2010. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > WingedLiberty Well-Known Member. a little under the 26.96. I tried the magnet and it does go dawn slower then the other none silver coins at about a 45 degree angle.

34 36 38 40 44 Lucky Blouse - Ärmlösa blusar - dollar print. Ida Sjöstedt.
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1799 saw the mintage of 423,000 Draped Bust silver dollars, a number that seems low to us now but was fairly high for the time, especially considering that dollar pieces were not all that common for everyday transactions. Indeed, 1799 is the largest mintage for the Draped Bust dollar.

The beautiful artistry and world-cl There are different ways in which you can invest your money. One of the best ways you can gain exceptional returns on your money is by investing in silver dollars. The price of silver recently hit a 30-year high because of various market fo The U.S. Mint produced the Eisenhower silver dollar, created in honor of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, from 1971 to 1978.

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or Best Offer. August 13, 2009 The only silver coin produced by the US Mint in 1799 was the silver dollar.